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The auction house listed in the auto trader here in town I went and fell head over heals for the red one and the white one I found on line in Iowa 7yrs later. I couldn't resist the vin #.
'93 - ***********116494
'92 - ***********112343
The government ordered it from GM and sent it down to Armor-Tec in Texas for bullet resistant glass, steel plates in the walls (found that out when I pulled the carpet off the walls and 3/8 A-R plate fell out.. That plate at the scrap yard paid for the interior ), then up to Salt Lake City to Advanced 4 wheel sys for a 1 ton GMC front end and gave it to the Cuban Diplomats in Miami for 3 yrs. Then the Nevada state maintenance sys got it to look for oil in Elko Nev. Then the Utah Olympics took it and put 10k in the upholstery, paint and drive line, 4 months after that I got it in a auction for 12.5k
'93 G30 454 4X4 EXT, 4l80E, np205, 4-56 Spicers in a Dana ft & GM Corp rear, Bilstein 5100's, BFG 315/75/16, 148" wheelbase. This was all factory or govt, well almost I have increased the tire size to mellow The Beast, still way more motor than tire, only made 3, my vin # & vin checker ( any make any model, build list ). Its a 2 seater ripped out the 4 bench seats & diamond the floor, oaked the walls, fishing rod racks, limo roof, 12 speaker 1000 watt Sony surround, exercise bike, telescope that you can count the rings of Saturn and oh yea a Hammock to sleep in and watch the stars.
The Beast has done 270 miles of the Baja 1000 in 03 as a chase truck (got 8 MPG ), from here to Tucson & back in 10 hrs, 6 ft in the air behind Lake Morena, last May I took a 7 week road trip to the Florida Keys and back 6700 miles ( got 14 MPG). I have 2 of these one for the dirt - one for the street, the other '92 G30 454 EXT.
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